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Re: Is Perl 5.004.04-3 Package Routine Broken?

Wintermute writes:
 > New problem.
 > When I attempt to install the Perl 5.004.04-3 file, it breaks at the
 > post-installation phase.
 > As such, other updates that require Perl will not configure themselves.
 > I have even fetched the file manually and used dpkg (with most all of
 > the debugging options) and still no luck.  I can run the Perl post
 > install script by hand with "configure" and it runs just fine, but for
 > some reason dpkg and dselect both tell me that it can't configure it
 > because the post install script returned error "123".

Same problem here. After trying to install it with dpkg, I runned the postinst
script manually with the 'configure' parameter. Then I edited the
/var/lib/dpkg/status file, in the perl package section changed the line

install ok not-configured


install ok installed

and deleted the line which read

configured version: previous_package_version_here (or something like that)

This kludge fooled dpkg into thinking that perl was ok (and I think it really
is ok, haven't had any problems) and I could move on to the other packages.

My excuse for doing it is that I don't know deb package internals and didn't
have the previous libc6 perl pack. anymore.



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