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Re: Need help in X Windows installation

At 08:50 AM 12/12/97 +0100, Sten Anderson wrote:
>Tommy Lakofski <tommy@88.net> writes:
>> whoops, this should have gone to the list too.
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>      [ I said: ]
>> > > >It is NOT necessary for the last command to be started with exec. In
>> > > >fact, exec should only be used on the window manager, and only if
>> > > >is the last command in .xinitrc. The problem is more likely the use of
>> > > >&'s. Every program started in .xinitrc should have & appended EXCEPT
>> > > >the window manager. 
>> Doesn't a /bin/sh stick around if you don't use exec? Or did that change
>> at some point? I think I put exec in my .xsession before the windowmanager
>> when I first installed debian (buzz) to make the /bin/sh go away, and it's
>> been there ever since. 
>Yes, by using exec to launch a command from a script, the process
>associated with the script (/bin/sh) is replaced by the process
>associated with the command. This saves a few system resources, since 
>the script process is not laying sleeping in the background for no
>purpose. The program pstree is an excellent tool to see the effect of
>this. However, the improvement of performance by this is barely
>measurable. I am simply arguing that while it is generally a good
>idea to uses exec, it is not that important, and certainly not
>required. In fact it might give you some unexpected effects, if exec
>is used on anything else than the last command in a script.   

The last line of my .xinitrc file 'exec's a window manager without the
ampersand and so far, I have installed all window managers and by far they
all worked except for olvwm. Any other suggestions?


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