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Re: Mail Server?

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Robinet David Jeremy wrote:

>   Hi. I'm going to be setting up a dedicated network connection for a 
> client across the border. He has asked me about a separate mail server 
> (on top of the web/cgi server with the Net connection) to offload some of 
> the duties of the main server.
>   I'm a little confused as to how exactly I would accomplish this. I know 
> it's possible. I'm familiar with PPP, and I've set up the one server to 
> communicate on the Net (with a little help from the HOWTO... :)... but 
> how would I have all incoming mail sent to the second computer for 
> processing etc?
When I send mail through my ISP, I direct pine's smtp to the mail server
(by name, ie mail.polaris.net) my ISP askes me to use. I assume that
smail/sendmail on other machines on the "local" net would be pointed at
that server as well.


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