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Mirroring hamm question

	Not sure if this is the right list to ask this question, but
here goes.

	The gods of bandwidth have smiled upon me at work, and I am
able to create a local mirror of the Debian FTP site.  I'm currently
just mirroring /debian/hamm.

	When I use this mirror machine as an FTP server for dselect,
and point it at the root of my hamm mirror, dselect is able to get the
package lists successfully (I ask for main, contrib, non-free).
However, when it comes to fetching the package files themselves, it is
unable to find them because it is looking for them in a subdirectory
called dists (e.g. /xxx/dists/main/binary-i386/yadda-yadda-yadda).
This dists directory exists in /debian, but not in /debian/hamm

	When I try setting up dselect to point to this parent
directory (which contains just dists and hamm), it is unable to find
the package lists.

	My work-around is to create hamm/dists, which contains
symlinks called unstable, contrib, and non-free, which point to hamm,
hamm/contrib, and hamm/non-free respectively.

	Here's an illustration of my mirror's directory structure:

      dists/ (I added this by hand)
           contrib -> ../hamm/contrib
           non-free -> ../hamm/non-free
           unstable -> ../hamm
           Mirror of ftp.debian.org:/debian/hamm
           dists/  (I had to add this to get package fetching to work)
                contrib -> ../contrib
                non-free -> ../non-free
                unstable -> ../hamm

	How is this *supposed* to be done?  Do I need more in /debian
than just dists and hamm?

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