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Re: Several Q's

   Larry Gariepy wrote:
   > Matthew,
   >     The problem with your mouse might not be your mouse, but the way that
   > it is configured.  I have had to jump through all of the mouse hoops a lot
   > recently to get mine to work.  A possible solution is that there might be
   > a switch on the bottom of the mouse that you can flip, then reboot the
   > machine, and see if it works.  If not, you will have to mess with
   > XF86Config.  If you don't have a switch on the bottom, or if that doesn't
   > fix the problem, then email this list again, and we'll go from there.

   No switches on the mouse and the XF86Config file is bare.  I
   believe I used XF86Setup and it's various mouse options to
   try to get the middle button to work with no luck.

Did you try reading through the 3-button-mouse howto in

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