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Ok I checked the FAQ but there is no info on this potentially really dumb
When I installed the server I chose to have xdm start at boot up. This works
noprob there. But I messed up. I started to set up the .xsession file and
instead of doing this for my user account until I got it right for some
reason I did it for my root account.
So now I have an .xsession file in /root that is not written correctly it
times out and just keeps returning me to the login screen. With my user
account I do not have the correct permissions to change anything related to
this so it does me no good.
What I need to do is somehow stop xdm at boot up (I'm booting Linux from a
floppy)   so I can get access to the console as root and delete the
.xsession file that resides in /root. Please HELP........
                -Brian, (vincent@qwick.net)

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