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Re: xdm....HELP!!!!!!???????

"Brian V Bonini" wrote (Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:28:59 -0500 ):
|>What I need to do is somehow stop xdm at boot up (I'm booting Linux from a
|>floppy)   so I can get access to the console as root and delete the
|>.xsession file that resides in /root. Please HELP........
|>        Thanks
|>                -Brian, (vincent@qwick.net)

Why don't you just log in with your user account and su to or even
login as root?  You can also wait for the X server to start up and
then hit Ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a console...

If there's some reason why you don't want to do this, you can try to
boot into single user mode.  This would probably require you to have
LILO installed on your floppy.  If you do, at the LILO prompt, hit
Shift, and a boot: prompt should appear.  type the image name you want
to boot (probably linux, hit tab to get a list), followed by -single.
So, the whole boot line will look something like:
 LILO boot: linux -single
Once in single user mode, just go to /root and make the fix.

Alternatively, if you still have the Debian rescue/install disk, stick
that in there, and boot.  Once the install starts, you can use alt-f2
to switch to the virtual console which runs ash (a striped down
shell).  From there, mount the appropriate file system in /mnt or
something and modify the file.  Then remove the install/rescue disk,
stick in your own, and you should be fine.


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