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Re: ThinkPad 560

I have been led to believe that the 'tecra' disks had the kernel
patch AND were compiled as zImages.  I may very well be wrong on
this account.  However, I have yet to see a bzImage (that I have compiled)
boot my Thinkpad.


On 08-Dec-97 Kirk Hilliard wrote:
>Hi Paul!
>Paul Rightley <pright@lanl.gov> writes:
>> I know of no Thinkpads that can boot bzImages (though I do not know
>> many Thinkpads) - which is why the 'tecra' disks work (i.e. they are
>> zImages).
>Is this true?  I thought that the Tecra disks were still bzImages, but
>were compiled with the kernel patch from Jen's Maurer's site, "Linux
>on the Toshiba Tecra series":
>  http://www.cck.uni-kl.de/misc/tecra710/
>If this is still the case, is the patch provided in one of the source
>Kirk Hilliard

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