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Re: hosts.deny

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Ian Keith Setford wrote:
> Hi-
> I would like to configure my Debian box to accept telnet, ftp, and www
> connections.  Right know I have my hosts.allow as ALL:ALL but I would like
> limit the connections to only those with my schools connections and my
> local LAN's machines.
> i.e.	just allowing *.unt.edu and *.dimension.org
> What should my hosts.allow and hosts.deny files look like?

hi there
	You should be able to use these in your files to do what you wish

**** /etc/hosts.allow ****

ALL: ALL@  localhost	#allow all from your localhost
ALL: .unt.edu 			#allow all from the unt.edu domain
ALL: .dimension.org		#allow all from the dimension.org domain

**** /etc/hosts.deny ****

ALL: ALL			#Will deny from all other sites

Hope this helps you out. there are many ways to setup these files but this
should do what you want.


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