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RE: Partitioning

Do du commands on your various filesystems to see how much you're
using on each.  Put /var and /home on one slice and everything else
on the other.  Add up what you're using for everything else, add a
percentage for growth, and make the everything else slice that big.
Make a swap partition (I use 100 Mb, YMMV), Use the rest for /var,
/home, and /tmp.  HTH.

On 08-Dec-97 Andrew wrote:
>Owing to the fulness of my Linux partition, I have bought a 1.2 Gb
>harddrive. I'm intending on transfering Linux to this, leaving win95 to
>fester on my old 800 Mb one. I think I'll want two partitions besides swap
>for robustness and performance, but how do I divide the filesystem up?
>Can I just copy everything directly across and point LILO at
>the new hard drive, or are there other issues at stake here? The new
>harddrive is slaved to the old one, but LILO resides in the MBR of the
>primary, right? 
>Andrew Tarr
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