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Re: StarOffice,printing and deskjets, again

bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> Magicfilter depends on being able to tell what kind of file it is.
> I think the file has to begin with "%!PS-Adobe-" for it to be detected
> as PostScript. Is that the case? Try sending it small PostScript files
> and see if it gets it right.
> If I still remember PostScript this should work for a test.
>         Bruce
> %!PS-Adobe-1.0
> save
> /Helvetica-Bold findfont 18 scalefont
> (Hello World!) show
> showpage
> restore

You're close bruce, but it should be:

% don't forget the setfont!
/Helvetica-Bold findfont 18 scalefont setfont
% must set the current point first
300 300 moveto
(Hello, Debian User) show

(Also, the save/restore are unnecessary. In fact this will most 
likely work without the showpage too since gs should by default at
the end of input print the page if it hasn't been yet.)

Jens B. Jorgensen

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