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Re: Partitioning

Andrew writes:
> Owing to the fulness of my Linux partition, I have bought a 1.2 Gb
> harddrive. I'm intending on transfering Linux to this, leaving win95 to
> fester on my old 800 Mb one. I think I'll want two partitions besides swap
> for robustness and performance, but how do I divide the filesystem up?
> Can I just copy everything directly across and point LILO at
> the new hard drive, or are there other issues at stake here? The new
> harddrive is slaved to the old one, but LILO resides in the MBR of the
> primary, right? 

Paul writes:
> Hello Andrew, there are a few things you need to do first with your drive
> before you can move your linux onto it.  You have to partition it first,

> /dev/hdb1     50megs	/
> /dev/hdb2     50megs    swap
> /dev/hdb3   1000megs    /usr
> /dev/hdb4    100megs    /var

> This is one senerio to look at. your logging is in a different partition
> and / is not effected by what /var does.  The other thing you could do in
> this situation is make a symlink from /home (where user accounts are
> stored) to something like /usr/friends/.  This way user accounts are
> stored on /usr partition and root won't fill up so easily.  Another
> alternative is the following.

> /dev/hdb1     50megs    /
> /dev/hdb2     50megs    swap
> /dev/hdb3    800megs    /usr
> /dev/hdb4    300megs    /home

> This senario you have your user accounts on a different partition and your
> /var is off / so your logging is in /.  I don't like this way because you
> have to consider how much space to give users and the only way to give it
> is from your user partition.  The first example I think is the best.
> because your logging and user accounts are not in / and you use as much or
> as little of /usr.

How about this:

/dev/hda2      100 Meg    /home #slice off the back 100Meg of the win95 drive

and Paul's first suggestion!

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