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Re: Streaming "Password:" in VC

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Jay Barbee wrote:

> I believe I botched my Debian 1.3.1 install up, upon the first 
> bootup.  I was converting from Slackware to debian after a crash 
> (perfect time to do this), so I had my users and home directories on 
> another partition....
> I did not want to setup the initial user that debian asks for, and I 
> could not figure out a way around it or out of that part of the 
> installation, so I opened up console1 (ALT-F2) and started to mount 
> my drives and start to setup the /etc directory with my old files 
> (like fstab, hosts, you know the rest).  I simply added my users to 
> the "passwd" file that was in place.  From there I ran dselect, and 
> finished the install process.
> I rebooted the system for the second time and VConsole0, even though 
> I never went back to console0 to get rid of that "adduser script", 
> was still prompting.  Once the reboot finished it promped me for 
> password....  So I entered my user pasword (for user 'jay')  It 
> bumped out to the complete login screen and then after idle time 
> "Password:" appears.  And keeps apearing adding the new word.  It 
> fills up the whole screen.  
> Once I enter the password for root I was let in and all was fine.  
> Once I exit, it simply prompted for "Password:" again!
> No other Virtual Consoles are affected, just VC0.  Can I fix this?  
> Also did I kill my self with the shadowconfig question after the 
> adduser part (before you go into dselect)?  I really don't want to go 
> back and reinstall all of Debian again.

Take a look at /etc/inittab and you'll see why VC1 is doing this.
You may even find a file like /etc/inittab.something.or.other which would 
get substituted for inittab when the installation script finished (which 
it didn't). You may have to merge these two files if you've installed 
things that modified inittab. That's all it should be.

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