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Re: How are .Xdefaults files handled under Debian?

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, bleach wrote:

> Humm, appreciate the suggestion as to the cause.  It does look as though
> it could be related to visualBell.  The only problems are that by default
> the visualbell is off, the xterm menu indicates that it is off, I set the
> resource off in .Xresources but the problem still occurs.  One thing that
> I did just find out though is that it is possible to "fix" things by just
> re-enabling reverse video in the button two menu--that helps a bit.
I just tested this. Normal video, visual bell not enabled (through the
xterm menu).

I called vi and pressed cursor up. The screen flashed.

Then I enabled reverse video and again called vi. Pressed cursor up and
the screen went back to normal video (also in xterm's menu). Black writing
on white background.

Really strange. Fortunately I don't use vi :-) The only command I know is
<ESC>:q! just I case some app calls vi.


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