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Re: How are .Xdefaults files handled under Debian?

Humm, appreciate the suggestion as to the cause.  It does look as though
it could be related to visualBell.  The only problems are that by default
the visualbell is off, the xterm menu indicates that it is off, I set the
resource off in .Xresources but the problem still occurs.  One thing that
I did just find out though is that it is possible to "fix" things by just
re-enabling reverse video in the button two menu--that helps a bit.


On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, bleach wrote:
> > I also use "xterm*reverseVideo:yes" but there is one thing that happens
> > that really "bugs" me...  If an error occurs in "vi" when on an xterm the
> > reverse video gets screwed up.  Background seems to switch to "white"
> > while the forground remains "white".  Makes terminal use rather a bit
> > difficult!  To correct that it seems that I have to do "hard resets" in a
> > row using the pulldown menu.
> > 
> I think this is the "visual bell" not working properly in reverse mode.
> Ciao,
> 	Martin

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