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Re: Standard header files.

On 6 Dec 1997, David Z. Maze wrote:

> Christopher R Barry <carrera-panamerica@sysanalyst.com> writes:
> CRB> I've installed gcc and all the packages that dselect recommends
> CRB> to go with it but whenever I try to compile anything, like the
> CRB> kernel, I just get a bunch of error messages about missing *.h
> CRB> header files like stdio.h. Shouldn't gcc come with these basic
> CRB> fundamental headers?
> No, they're in the libc5-dev package; you need to install that.  In
> general, for any library package libfoo, there's a corresponding
> libfoo-dev package that contains the header files and such.

FWIW, either on your debian CD or on your local debian mirror, in the "bo"
directory there should be a file called "Contents" - whenever you want to
find out what debian package contains file xxx, just use grep:

bash-2.01$ grep stdio.h /cdrom/bo/Contents
usr/bcc/include/stdio.h                                      devel/linux86
usr/i486-linuxaout/include/iostdio.h                         devel/libc4-dev
usr/i486-linuxaout/include/stdio.h                           devel/libc4-dev
usr/include/fcgi/fcgi_stdio.h                                devel/libfcgi1-dev
usr/include/g++/std/cstdio.h                                 devel/libg++27-dev
usr/include/hdf/mstdio.h                                     graphics/libhdf4-dev
usr/include/stdio.h                                          devel/libc5-dev
usr/lib/perl5/i386-linux/5.00307/CORE/nostdio.h              interpreters/perl

>From this list, you could then see that the file you want is
/usr/include/stdio.h, and thereby find out which package you need.

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