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Re: Standard header files.

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Christopher R. Barry wrote:

> I've installed gcc and all the packages that dselect recommends to go
> with it but whenever I try to compile anything, like the kernel,  I just
> get a bunch of error messages about missing *.h header files like
> stdio.h. Shouldn't gcc come with these basic fundamental headers? Do I
> need to do a path type of statement so the system can find them? I
> looked through my directory tree for them but couldn't even find them.
> Are they hidden somewhere that I should know about? I searched the
> packages section at debian.org for stuff like "standard header files" or
> "include" but came up dry. I'm sorry for consuming bandwidth with these
> newbie questions....

I once had a similar experience when I had a mix of incompatible
developement packeages.

Check if cpp, gcc (and other packages I don't remember) have the same
version number.


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