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Q's about upgrading to hamm

Christopher Jason Morrone writes:
 > Ok, I'd like to upgrade to hamm, because there are some things there that
 > I need.  I'm following the libc5 to libc6 howto, but I've got a couple
 > questions/comments.
 > The first conflict arose when I tried to install the second package,
 > libc6_2.0.5c-0.1 .  It conflicted with the pthreads package.  No biggy, I
 > just got rid of the threads.

 First, upgrade your already installed packages to their equivalent
hamm version.  So, start by upgrading ldso, and dpkg.  Then upgrade
libc5, and remove all *-dev packages (and dependant packages).  Now,
you can install libc6, and then upgrade 'base' and 'admin' packages,
and be aware to install the 'g' packages, i.e. ncurses3.4g etc.

 And if you have X installed, you may need to remove them before you
can upgrade to xlib6g.  Anyways, you will have to reinstall all of
them, because X packages for xlib6 won't work with xlib6g.

 I run all hamm, and it works _quite_ well here... a few bugs, and a
few bad packages once in a while though.  But it looks like it's
getting more stable.

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