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Help! libc6...

Ahh...hate to worry people...but I just broke my linux box.

I tried to upgrade and its all screwed up, I could use some help.

First of all, Perl broke...but I've got libgdbm1 and libgdbmg1, so I don't
know whats up with that.

But that's not my immediate concern.

I can't log in any more.  To begin with, the login prompt has (none) now
instead of my computer's name.  Then when I try to log in, right after it
checks my password it flashes somethhing about /dev/tty1 real quick.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.  I figure I can get back in to my
system later with boot disks as long as someone has an idea of what I need
to fix this.  Thanks.

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