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Re: dunc pppd configuration script

On 05 Dec 1997 16:24:10 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Richard G. Roberto writes: 
> > I also want to address this issue about "standard" options file
> > locations.  It is impossible to manage multiple ppp options sets in the
> > same file unless the option requirements are identicle.  ...  I
> > personally have three different connection requirements and use dunc/dppp
> > to manage them.
> It should be possible to handle this with a seperate provider file for each
> isp (pon would need to be revised, or the user told to type 'pppd call
> <isp>').

     If the object is to lead a new user through a simple ppp
configuration from the base install script, I question whether it is
worthwhile making it handle multiple connections.  The user who
requires multiple configurations is probably sophisticated enough to
handle it himself. 
> But most people are their own sysadmins.  I agree that dialing out should
> not require root, but initial configuration of ppp is as much system
> administration as is setting up an ethernet connection.
> > I don't think I'd want my users accidentally mucking around on their
> > system as root -- especially if they're connecting from home!  The last
> > thing I need to do is start making house calls.

     I believe all, or almost all, networks have Internet connectivity
and mail systems that have been set up by the sysadmin, so users on
such systems shouldn't have to configure ppp.  This tool is aimed at
the new user who is migrating from DOS/Windows, and has one box with
one or two users.

> .  .  .   I also need examples of working chat scripts, both for the
> major national isp's, and for locals that require really bizarre stuff.

     Attached is my working chat script.  It is for a local provider
that requires really plain vanilla stuff.

           ABORT        BUSY
           ABORT        "NO CARRIER"
           ABORT        VOICE
           ABORT	     "NO DIALTONE"
           ""           ATDT7859991
           ername       hilliard
           word         \q<my_password>


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