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Re: dunc pppd configuration script

Richard G. Roberto writes: 
> I also want to address this issue about "standard" options file
> locations.  It is impossible to manage multiple ppp options sets in the
> same file unless the option requirements are identicle.  ...  I
> personally have three different connection requirements and use dunc/dppp
> to manage them.

It should be possible to handle this with a seperate provider file for each
isp (pon would need to be revised, or the user told to type 'pppd call

> I had thought of making a way to manage the system options file
> automatically, but decided that providing a hook to just edit it would be
> enough since the only people needing to manage this file would be
> sysadmins.

That's fine, but on the vast majority of Linux systems user==sysadmin, and
they need all the help we can give them.

> If the goal is to make setting up ppp as simple as win95, then why all
> the hoopla about per user configuration capability?

If we provide a 'provider' file for each isp, all that needs to go in the
user's .ppprc is the name of her isp.  pon or a similar script would then
select the correct isp after reading the .ppprc.

> What dppp does is...

I haven't looked closely at this yet.  Sounds interesting.

> ...forcing people into having root permissions to setup their ppp
> connection wouldn't sit well with many sysadmins.

But most people are their own sysadmins.  I agree that dialing out should
not require root, but initial configuration of ppp is as much system
administration as is setting up an ethernet connection.

> I don't think I'd want my users accidentally mucking around on their
> system as root -- especially if they're connecting from home!  The last
> thing I need to do is start making house calls.

Your users are members of a very small and very lucky minority.

> John's new energy should help move it forward,...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.  I still have to scrape together the
cash to fix my hardware, though, before I can become a real maintainer.

> ...but he's still going to need users to use the thing and provide
> feedback.

Definitely.  I also need examples of working chat scripts, both for the
major national isp's, and for locals that require really bizarre stuff.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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