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Re: multiple X sessions problem

E Papantoniou <eenep@sun.leeds.ac.uk> writes:

> my problem is that I cannot run more than one X server at the same time.
> When I am logged in as a user one and run startx on display :0.0, I do
> Ctrl-Alt-F2, log in as a user two and type startx -- :1.0
> The second X server attempts to start (the gray default background appears)
> and gets stuck at that point. Going back to the Ctrl-Alt-F2 screen the
> erron message is :
> AUDIT ...(time and date)... 2144 X:client 1 rejected from local host
> Xlib: connection to ":1.0" refused by server
> Xlib: Client is not authorised to connect to server
> Does anybody know what can be done?

This may be caused by X' authentication scheme. X can use
authentication to ensure that only the user in front of the console
have acces to the display (otherwise anyone on the net might start
apps on your display). Debian uses authentication by default, but this 
can be disabled. Unfortunately for you, I can't tell you how - you
will have to browse the man pages. For a start you can try to
circumvent it with "ln -s /home/<user>/.Xauthority /root/.Xauthority".

- Sten Anderson

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