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Installation Problem

        I come accross three problems while installing Debian 1.3.1 from  CD

1. The system boots correctly from the boot floppy created during installation
    but by booting from harddisk (through LILO ) the kernel boots
    correctly but then it stopped displaying the following:

   VFS: Mounted root <msdos file system> readonly
   Unable to open an initial console

   How to correct it ?. Why msdos is shown as the filesystem instead of ext2
   (floppy booting shows ext2) .  Is this a problem  due to LILO

2. The X configuration file  can not be  created during installation and hence
    Xserver cannot be started form xdm.
    How it can be created manually. Do  I have to reinstall .

3.   Thirdly I want to know how to use X without mouse . . What should be
     done to use mouse  funcions through keyboard ?.


Faiz ul Haque Zeya








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