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> > They stopped the poll when redhat 5 was released, when redhat had about 50
> > to 100 more votes in the poll (1 or 2% more of the vote, in other words). The 
> > problem with that poll was, they basically stopped it when they felt like it.
> > If  they had stopped it a day earlier, debian would have won..
> > 
> > > If this poll represents the majority, it would seem that Debian has a
> > > large following that is not prone to advocacy as the Red Hat crowd
> > > while Slackware is a rather noisy minority.
> > 
> > Yeah, that's sort of theimpression I got. You don't see a huge volume of 
> > debian postings on usenet, but we basically tied redhat in the poll.
> We have a very active mailing list and that somehow reduces Debian posts
> in the general linux groups. I think Debian is gatting bigger all the time

This is indeed an unfortunate problem, both for Debian and for the Linux
community at large.  I have found debian-user to be one of the best places
to get answers to all kinds of questions, debian-specific or otherwise (I
have no problem with this: if someone with the good taste to run Debian
runs it on a Debian system, I will try to answer questions about it).  Is
there any central repository for archieves of all the different mailing
lists/newsgroups related to linux?  

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