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> I follow the Red Hat list on Usenet ... it is a ZOO compared to this list.
> Thinking about it, it makes sense.  What market is Red Hat aiming at?
> People who can't install Linux! 
> > We have a very active mailing list and that somehow reduces Debian posts
> > in the general linux groups. I think Debian is gatting bigger all the time
> > 
> > - Daniel
> > 

I used to try and follow the usenet Linux groups but as soon as I
discovered Debian and this list I unsubscribed from those groups in a
hurry.  The SNR on this list is so much higher and the level of
discussions so much more civilized [well, at least most of the time :)].

I can't remember why I switched to Debian about a year ago, but I sure am
glad I did.

- Steve

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