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Re: My new project (repost)

--- Keith Holler wrote:
I agree with you 100%... I sat on a tech support line for 2 hours at a cost of
35 for networking help in Windows 95. After all of that I ended up fixing the
 configuration problem in my networking myself. They tried to convince me it 
was my new 200 MMX processor and board that wasn't handling the communications
ith the modem properly... Of course I knew better.

I want to let all of the new Linux users and future users that may be lurking
 this list... still sitting on the perverbial fence... deciding if Linux is
t for them; GO FOR IT! I have never seen such a dedicated group of unselfish
ple that ride these lists night and day helping all of us out of jams. I have
rked in tech support for a major company and I will attest to the fact that
 hire people who follow cheat sheets and have never touched a computer before.
 was over qualified and over paid in their eyes because I am a free thinker and 
knowledgable. I always try new and challenging ways to correct problems. For
t I was fired.

I know that appreciation is not often shown because of the lack of personal
act on the net. A lot of body language is missing over this medium. I just want 
to thank all of the gurus that have spent untold hours answering questions and
ursing us along and developing tight bonds between the users, hackers and
pers. You guys are fantastic and we owe you a great deal. We may be
 we may be volunteers... but we have shown that you don't have to be locked in
 lab to generate a fantastic and powerful operating system that is years in
nced of the rest.

--- end of quote ---

Here here!!  I agree!  It seems farcical at best to imply that there is no
support for Linux.  Give me a mailing list with some dedicated users anytime
ANYONEs tech support "hotlines".  For one thing, assuming you aren't on hold
a significant portion of your life, you may or may not talk to someone who has
special knowledge that pertains to your problem, even if they are supposed to 
be well versed in Linux.  How can you beat having the full attention of dozens
of experts?  And email never gets put on hold.
     Instead of offering people "24 hours TOLL FREE technical support", what
should do (regardless of what the product is, even)  is sign them up on a
mailing list in 
lots of 100, or 200 or so, throw a couple of true "experts" in to monitor the
list, and 
let them help each other out!
     As always, many thanks to the tireless efforts of people who have helped
me, and will
help me in the future.

Larry Gariepy

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