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Re: Mail problem - smail

Daniel Martin writes:
> Among other things, the satellite setup makes using fetchmail near
> impossible.  I personally think that a big warning should be issued if
> you choose this option, as people seem to think that it's the appropriate
> choice for intermittently connect PPP machines.

It seems appropriate, given the available choices and their terse
descriptions, but it's wrong.  Better than a "big warning" and no 
harder to implement would be to add the choice "dialup system".

> ...I'd now conclude that it's _definitely_ your smarthost,...

I agree.

> ...and that the only reason this shows up when using the "internet site"
> smail configuration as opposed to the "satellite" option is because when
> people use the satellite option, their From: lines are different (the
> hostname used is that of the smarthost, not the local machine).

I recently had a similar problem when my isp put in some sort of
anti-spam-relay stuff.  It turns out that they don't care what my From:
line says, but they require that the FROM address used in the smtp
transaction be "anything_at_all@my.isp.net".  I now have "visible_name" set
to "my.isp.net".  This works fine for my machine, but mail from my wife's
computer goes out with "user_a@user_b@my.isp.net".  My isp doesn't care,
but a few picky systems bounce such mail.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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