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Re: Philosophical question

On 4 Dec 1997, Larry G. Gariepy Jr. wrote:

> I hope I don't sound heretical:  I imagine that a lot of people like Linux for
> the fact that there is something new to try every week or two. :) (or more
> often?)  But practically, how often do people think it is worth the trouble to
> upgrade major software components?  Every six months?  Every year?

I've been using Debian a little over a year now and I've pretty much just
followed the software versions in the stable, non-free, and contrib
directory trees.  My "upgrade policy" is to run dselect every two or three
months or whenever I want something new.  I run dselect connecting via FTP
so I don't worry about the age of packages on a CD-ROM.  By the way -- I
REALLY like the FTP connect option, it is very convienient and a nice
addition to the normal download from some type of media options.  If there
are new versions of some of the packages I have installed, dselect will
want to upgrade them and I usually let it. It seems that this has happened
a two or three times in the last year. I've never had any problem with the
upgrades and one of them was pretty major (Debian 1.2 -> 1.3). 

I bet that there are many different types of users out there with respect
to their desire for a stable vs. "bleeding edge" system.  There are a lot
of people who really need a stable system and are careful to keep theirs
that way.  I think you should upgrade when you feel like it or whenever
new version are released into the stable tree.  If a update package 
does contain bugs, there is usually pretty quick action from what I've
seen.  Anyway just my opinion...

- Steve

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