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multiple X sessions problem

Hi all,

my problem is that I cannot run more than one X server at the same time.
When I am logged in as a user one and run startx on display :0.0, I do
Ctrl-Alt-F2, log in as a user two and type startx -- :1.0
The second X server attempts to start (the gray default background appears)
and gets stuck at that point. Going back to the Ctrl-Alt-F2 screen the
erron message is :

AUDIT ...(time and date)... 2144 X:client 1 rejected from local host
Xlib: connection to ":1.0" refused by server
Xlib: Client is not authorised to connect to server

Does anybody know what can be done?

I am using kernel 2.0.31, with the following X configuration:

XFree86 Version 3.3 / X Window System
(protocol Version 11, revision 0, vendor release 6300)
Release Date: Jun  2 1997
Operating System: Linux 2.0.21 i486 [ELF] 
Configured drivers:
  S3: accelerated server for S3 graphics adaptors (Patchlevel 0)
      newmmio, mmio_928, s3_generic

Thanks for reading


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