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Re: threads and latest libg++?

"Orn E. Hansen" <oe.hansen@oehansen.pp.se> writes:
> If you have to remove all the classes in c++ to get threads working,
> there isn't much sense in using c++ :-)
> I've had the same problem, and as far as I've been able to collect,
> g++ simply isn't, and won't be thread safe.  If you wish for a thread
> safe environment, get stdc++ 2.8.0 or the 'egcs' compiler.

Thanks for the reply, and for confirming what I suspected.  

For what it's worth, I downloaded and compiled egcs-1.0 this morning and it
works fine on my code.  (I configured it with -enable-threads - I assume
this is necessary for it to produce thread safe code.)

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