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Re: dunc pppd configuration script

On 03 Dec 1997 15:43:13 you asked:

> Can anyone give me some feedback on dunc?

     Several weeks ago I experimented with dunc 1.5.  The major bug I
found was in the dialup_connect script.  There is what I think is
called a race condition that causes the "/bin/rm -f /tmp/wchatfile"
to remove wchatfile before the background /usr/sbin/pppd command looks
for it, so the script fails.  Inserting sleep 5 between these two
lines solved the problem.  (5 seconds was my first try - I didn't try
to optimize the sleep time.)

     One of the input boxes (I think it was asking for the prompt for
the user id) wasn't properly setup.  I deleted the default value, and
replaced it with the string I would need, but the resulting chatfile
had nothing entered for this value.

     I quit fooling with it when I saw that dunc_2.2.deb was in hamm.
I have downloaded dunc_2.2.deb, but haven't installed it since I still
have a libc5 system.  I believe it is supposed to have pap support.

> Already planned are pap/chap support and use of the standard option
> and chat files.

     Good.  I believe a debian package, intended to ease a new user
into ppp should follow the file structure established by the debian

     I have long maintained that the base installation script should
call a script to configure ppp.  This should reduce a lot of the ppp
questions on the deb-devel list.  I have started writing such a
script, but haven't done much.  If you are going to revise dunc to use
the standard option and chat files, I will forget about it.  Please
keep me posted.

     Once the package is finished, you should start a campaign to get
it called from the base installation process, since that is when it is
needed desparately.


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