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Re: dunc pppd configuration script

On 3 Dec 1997 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> Can anyone give me some feedback on dunc?  I'm revising it and would like
> to hear opinions on what should be changed.  Already planned are pap/chap
> support and use of the standard option and chat files.

What version of dunc are you "looking" at?  The last version
I wrote had support for pap/chap, and it also uses the
standard option file in /etc/ppp, and has the ability to
create a .ppprc link to any single "connection".  The
connections get defined in option files, and if using chat,
chat files.  That's pretty standard.  I purposely didn't
require people to have root privilage and write to /etc/ppp
so that more than one user at a time could have their own
dunc setup without encumbering any other user.  If you're
thinking of making significant amounts of changes, you might
be better off rewriting it from scratch.



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Richard G. Roberto

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