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Re: Mail problem - smail

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Unga Synskadade Smaland Blekinge / Peter Nilsson wrote:

> Now that I have went over to using PPP over a modem line, I have got some
> trouble. The problem is that I have no official hostname. Therefore, I
> call my host peter. I have configured smail for "Internet site"
> (smailconfig) and I have set a smarthost. When I try to send an e-mail

Use the option "satellite system".

> from my machine, smail says in the logfiles that the hostname peter is not
> valid. The From: line of the mail ontains "pn@peter", and therefore smail
> doesn't sem to send the mail.
I have also observed this behaviour if you say "internet site" in
> Does anyone know how to force smail not to check that the host on the
> From: address is valid. Another solution would be to get the From: line to
> be rewritten to "From: pnidv96@student.hv.se". I can't find a way to get
> Pine do that for me.
Even if smail doesn't check the hostname, you have to set a from header or
pine will use your (invalid) local host and username as your emailaddress.
Or you have to make smail change your header.

In pine you can set the From header in the configoption "customised

This will insert a line into your .pinerc like 
customized-hdrs=From: Martin Bialasinski <agr30@uni-koeln.de>


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