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Mail problem - smail

(Please answer to the adress pnidv96@student.hv.se. I am not on the list,
because of my problems.)


For a year now, I have had my computer connected to the INternet via
ethernet. I've used smail and Pine for e-mail, which has worked very fine.
Now that I have went over to using PPP over a modem line, I have got some
trouble. The problem is that I have no official hostname. Therefore, I
call my host peter. I have configured smail for "Internet site"
(smailconfig) and I have set a smarthost. When I try to send an e-mail
from my machine, smail says in the logfiles that the hostname peter is not
valid. The From: line of the mail ontains "pn@peter", and therefore smail
doesn't sem to send the mail.

Does anyone know how to force smail not to check that the host on the
From: address is valid. Another solution would be to get the From: line to
be rewritten to "From: pnidv96@student.hv.se". I can't find a way to get
Pine do that for me.

... and again, please answer to the address pnidv96@student.hv.se. Thanks.

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