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Re: PnP modem woes continue, IRQ never fires for modem

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Charles Read wrote:

: > You mentioned that it doesn't appear in
: > /proc/interrupts; what about /proc/ioports?
: Yes, the serial device appears in /proc/ioports
: as:
: ...
: 0x3f8:  serial (set)
: ...
: BTW, how do you talk to a modem from DOS?
: I want to try what Nathan suggested and see
: if the modem is a 'WinModem'.  How else
: could you tell if not from DOS?

Oh, that's easy :) assuming you know which comport your modem is on.
Let's say it's COM2 ... at the DOS prompt type "ECHO ATX0DT123456789 >
COM2", or something like that.  See if the modem responds.  This is
from memory ... I can't find my AT command reference.  The X0 is
supposed to set the modem to ignore dialtone and just dial, IIRC.  That
way you don't have to be connected to a phone line.  If your paranoid
about my memory (and you should be), then just do a "ECHO ATZ > COM2"
... that will reset the modem, which will be hard to verify if it's

Of course, you could also use a DOS term program like Telix.

Note you can do this stuff from the UNIX shell if you have write
permissions to the serial port; "echo ATZ > /dev/ttyS1" should also
reset the modem.  I've seen one case where a modem was accessible from
DOS and not from Linux; it was some weird IBM modem.

Is this modem internal or external?

Good luck,

Nathan Norman
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