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Re: Hardware ?

> Hey all,
>  I was going to buy a SCSI card for a SyQuest SyJet drive, and was wordering if
> anyone had luck with the Adaptec AHA-2910B card?  It's not listed in the
> Hardware Howto.

Hi. Don't buy SIIG :) BusLogic is probably the best choice.

> Also... Is there a different pinout for SCSI-2 vs. Ultra SCSI ?

That's a mystery which SCSI is what. There are wide, ultra, and fast
SCSI. All these can happen  to SCSI-3, some things can (except wide)
happen to SCSI-2. The main diffrence in SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 is the width
of the bus - 50 vs. 68 pin. The good thing is that you can put 50-pin
device on 68-pin bus and vice versa.

> And lastly... Does anyone have any good/bad stories for SyJet or Jaz drives?

Jaz - bad.
SyJet - good :)

I had both and I can tell you that Jaz is *garbage*. I don't know a
single person around satisfied with it. Data corruption is a usual thing.
The worst of all is that drive can be easily damaged by defective
cartrige. Mine even stopped spinning ...
SyJet is not perfect either - there are substantial fraction of defective
drives, so make sure you will have opportunity to exchange it. It is
*much* better than Jaz though. Substantially less proprietary features.
Just a standard scsi device. SyQuest guys paid less attention to
supporting Windows software but that's of zero matter in Linux.

Alex Y.
 _( )_
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