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Re: fetchmail problem

Pann McCuaig <pann@agora.rdrop.com> writes:

> After years of reading my mail with pine from a shell on my ISP's
> machine, I've got a fetchmail/mutt/smail setup running here (on a bo
> installation).
> Sometimes when I connect to my ISP and run fetchmail, everything
> appears to be normal, but the downloaded messages are _NOT_ appended
> to my mail spool, and, fortunately, they are also not deleted from
> the mail spool on the ISP.
> I see no error messages, no log file is created, and I haven't a
> clue.
> Thanks to this list there is always mail sitting at the ISP, so I
> can run lots of tests if someone can give me some direction.  TIA

Did you already try the -v (verbose) option of fetchmail?  The
described behaviour usually happens if the connection was unnormally
terminated.  fetchmail should report an error message even without -v
(I hope you didn't use the -s flag) but it might give some hints what
happens here.


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