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Re: mailing list/newsgroup loopback?

Wintermute <wntrmute@tampabay.rr.com> writes:

> Larry G. Gariepy Jr. wrote:
> > Yes, I am noticing some duplicate messages.  I am getting copies
> > of messages I sent again a day or so after I sent them (and
> > received them the first time).  I was wondering why yesterday (the
> > 29th) was such a heavy day.  I didn't check my mail the whole day,
> > and I counted about 220 messages from the mailing list!!!  I
> > thought the norm was 50-100!!
> Same problem here.  Only I have been checking my mail constantly today..
> and I stop for like 1 hour to hop out of X and configure some things,
> come back, start up Netscape, check my mail..and I've got like 150
> messages.

That would explain why fetchmail tells me that 170 message were
received but Gnus only shows about 80 of them.  The other ones must be
duplicates (which are removed with in setup).


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