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Re: kernel 2.1.68/69

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@rising.com.au> writes:
HM> can anyone get 2.1.68 or 2.1.69 to compile?

I've been working on it, hopefully I'll get 2.1.69 to build sometime
today.  :-)  Thoughts so far:

-- linux/drivers/sound/Makefile is broken, or the Configure script
   that calls it is broken.  Add a line at the bottom of the file:

config: kernelconfig

   and all will work well with make-kpkg (we hope).

-- IPv6 and UMSDOS are both unhappy being built as modules.  I
   disabled both of them; they may or may not work being built into
   the kernel if you need either of their services.

-- "make xconfig" causes some error messages to be spouted out on the
   TTY it was started from.  These mostly seem to be related to broken 
   configuration script settings.  I didn't try to fix them.

Good luck...

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