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Re: pcmcia install

On Monday, 1 December 1997, Mike Miller writes:

> >>>>> "jan" == Jan Nieuwenhuizen <jan@digicash.com> writes:
>     > Now i wanted to install it on my notebook at home; the
>     > easiest way would be via my pcmcia network card and nfs; or
>     > otherwise via zip drive.  But i guess debian doesn't do
>     > either (i guess i could try to install debian base from
>     > floppies --- duh), while redhat easily supports pcmcia
>     > stuff.
> This is not at all true.  Debian supports ftp and nfs
> installation methods and easily supports pcmcia stuff I've
> installed it on several laptops and found it quite easy to
> install via pcmcia ethernet card.  I suggest going about it this
> way:

Ok, thanks for the instructions --- maybe i'll go about it like this 
anyway, because it *indeed* shouldn't be difficult, let alone impossible.
And, like i stated, i do like debian a lot.

The points i failed to make were, that you can use pcmcia only *after*
you've installed (the base system), which requires at least seven floppies 
and some hand work, and how much more i liked the redhat pcmcia install:

    get two floppies, "boot.img" and "supp.img"; boot the "boot" floppy:

    do you have a color monitor y/n?  n
    what keyboard do you use?  dvorak (!)
    do you need pcmcia y/n?  y
	please insert supplementary floppy.
	...initialising pcmcia
	...found network card
	...initialising network card
    what install method do you want to use?  NFS

[or something very similar]

and that i offered to take a look at the debian install --- if needed, 
because it should be so easy to make it much more pcmcia-user-friendly.

<rant mode>
Whenever i need floppies for such a temporary thing as a system setup, 
i'll probably not mark them --- i'm always short of floppies.  If i have
to use more than two floppies, i know that i will get interrupted or have
to start over for some reason, and get into this horrible and silly which 
was which?  Now i know this is not too smart, and i know the solution, but 
i guess this is how most people will go about it.

As an aside, why call the debian setup floppy "resc1440.bin" when it could 
be named something like "boot.bin", or "debian.bin" (alongside debi1200.bin/
</rant mode>



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