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Question: X on Vobis LeBook Premium


I recently purchased a notebook (166MHz, Vobis LeBook
Premium). After a bit of fiddling with the partitions
installed I managed to install Linux (Debian 1.3.1).
However, I'm having problems with configuring X (using

As far as I can tell (info coming from Win95 Display
Settings), I have the following:

	Chip type: Trident 9660/9680 (Win95 reports this but
		   a chip tester from the Trident webpages
		   says it's a Cyber96xx).

I've also seen that there's a link on the linux laptop page,
but have not been able to get near it (dead url?). I've
tried quite a few combinations of the various setting, but
none of them seem to be even approximately correct ...

Any suggestions ?


Paul Massey.

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