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teTeX packages

Ben Pfaff writes:
 > I can't seem to get Debian's teTeX to work at all ("can't find default
 > format file" from tex).  But when I downloaded it direct from sunsite,
 > it worked fine.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  I suppose I
 > could include more (or any, actually) details if requested.

 I had precisely the same problem.  What I did was do a

 dpkg --extract tetex-base

 Then, I entered the directory /etc/texmf, and renamed all the files
there from '*.dpkg-new' removing the '.dpkg-new' part.  Then, I
configured the package and installed rest of tetex.

 Tetex-base seems to remove these files under configuration, instead
of installing them.  Which causes the rest of tetex to break.

Hope tht helps.

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