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Re: TkRat 1.0.5-1 and packages in general

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, John Spence wrote:

> One of the required dependencies for the program tkrat_1.0.5-1.deb is
> the much mentioned libc6.
> Now I know that this isn't a dependancy for nothing but I also know
> that I had this program running under RH4.2 which doesn't have libc6.
> I don't know zip about package building but I assume that if I were to
> build one I'd build it to accomodate the latest versions of required
> libraries to avoid redundancy.  Would this be the rule of thumb for
> package builiding?
To make a debian package you have to compile tkrat. Tkrat needs a libc
for some of its functions. So it has to link against it.
Most developers have libc6-dev, so the resulting packages need libc6 for

You can get the tkrat source from the source/ directory of your debian
mirror and try to make a package for your own, linked against libc5.

get dpkg-dev.deb from hamm. 
get tkrat.{dsc,diff.gz,orig.tar.gz} from the source directory

dpkg-source -x tkrat.dsc
CD into the sourcedir.
./debian/rules binary

Let it work and hope there are no changes which make it compile only with 

If it worked:
dpkg -i tkrat.deb      


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