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Re: PPP problems

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Ian & Gill Watkins wrote:

> I have been firing up Minicom to dial and log on, then CTRL-AQ to drop
> out of Minicom without reseting the modem (as described in the PPP-
> HOWTO) and then entering a command thus:
> pppd -d -detach /dev/ttyS0 38400 &
> again from the PPP-HOWTO. The additional commands are defined in the PPP
> options file.
Drop the minicom stuff. Use pon for dialing and poff for disconnect.
First edit /etc/ppp.options_out and /etc/ppp.chatscript to match your
needs. Don't forget the debug option.

> The link (same modem, same ISP) works fine under Win95 & WinNTWS. I have 
also now managed to set up a dial-up script with the same result.
> I have checked with my ISP and they are not using PAP or CHAP.
So you use a script in a terminal window on win95 and NT ?
Then edit /etc/ppp.chatscript and use pon. 

If you use X, then you also may want to give xisp.deb a try. Get it from (for a recent version).


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