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RE: problem with bash -- probably

I am not sure what is going on with your system.  However, the fact that 
"." is not in your search path is rather standard with any Linux/Unix 
distribution that even so much as pays "lip service" to the idea of 
security.  Not as critical for ordinary users as for root of course, but 
by not including the current path in the search path you are avoiding 
the running of "trojan horse" programs.  As a practical matter you also 
avoid running your own "experiemental" software when you want "standard" 
system commands.

This is just "swag" but it sounds as though you may not be getting an 
environment set up.

The "conventional' way to execute the program would be "./<script-name> 
(again I don't think that this has anything to do with the problem you 
are experiencing however).

If no one posts the answer to your problem then you might want to use 


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