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Linux, a MicroSoft product? (fwd)

I really NEED to know
I hope is simply a joke

Pancho Horrillo

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Subject: Linux producto de M$?

Joder, mirad lo que he encontrado por ahi. Anda que como sea verdad, ya
les vale a esos hijosputa

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Subject: Linux now a Microsoft Product?
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I received the by email from my linux guru. I didn't think it was
true.  I went to the MS site to register, and when entering the type
of shell I use, zsh was not listed. Was I correct in registering it as
a bash?  Somehow my Win95 machine just feels... closer to me now.


AAP Worldwide Wire Service11/21/97 06:00 GMT
(Hirchsrgig, MS)-The computer world has been shaken to its core by a
legal decision that has immense implications worldwide.  In a ruling
that is certain to become a hotbed of controversy, a US Federal Judge
in Hirchsrgig Mississippi ruled that Microsoft legally holds all
rights to the "Linux" operating system.

Judge Richard Shortner, in an opinion handed down today, ruled that
the Linux operating system is not "free software," and that the "GNU
Public License" is not legally binding, thus giving final legal
approval to the US Patent Office's conditional approval of Microsoft's
patent application.

Attorneys for the Free Software Foundation, Inc., a Boston-based
foundation, were outraged.

"This is a travesty of justice.  I absolutely guarantee that we will
win this one on appeal" said attorney Lou Zurr.  "Well, anyway, I'm
pretty sure of it."

The appeal, however, may take some time to construct.  Before an
appeal will be considered by the court, most copies of Linux currently
in use must be properly registered through Microsoft.  Industry
analysts expect that many Linux users will simply disregard this
ruling, a move which will delay the appeal process. 

"This court order allows law enforcement to take the necessary actions
to ensure compliance.  If we don't have 800,000 license applications
within 90 days, the story is over" said Microsoft attorney Michael
Aronoff.  Microsoft's legal team consisted of some sixteen attorneys,
who presented the case in about 90 minutes.

Legal experts were surprised by the ruling, though most say it's
technically a correct ruling.  

"Some of the language used in the GNU Public License is clearly
without legal standing" advises Harvard Law School Professor Solemon
Hann.  "The foundation just never expected to go up against the big
legal guns of Microsoft.  This is going to be interesting..."

Bill Gates, cult-hero, cultural icon, President and CEO of Microsoft,
held a news conference from his vacation ski-lodge Winter home near
Vail, Colorado.  His tone was one of reassurance to the many users of

"Look, I'm not out to take away anyone's hard work.  But it's ours
legally.  And we're keeping the license fee to a very reasonable $30
per machine. The registration process will be easy, but we do require
a credit card" advised Mr. Gates, who asked reporters to call him

"We're going to build the registration into a free Linux version of
Internet Explorer 4.0 for everyone's convenience."

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