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Re: mtools

<nick@feedback.net.ar> wrote:

 >> A much bigger problem of mtools is that when copying *to* an MS-DOS
 >> file system, it writes long filename entries to the directory.

 >  It does that only when the file is not acceptable to normal FAT. So if you
 > don't like the so called `VFAT' don't use those names, that would fail in
 > normal FAT anyway.

  If I copy a (e.g. too long) filename to a DOS partition with the
normal Linux cp command, it just truncates it - which is exactly what
should happen if the partition is not mounted as vfat.  This also should
be possible with mtools.  Even if I copy the file "pietje", with mtools
I still get a long filename directory entry, because it is not in
uppercase. This is annoying - I don't want to have to type all filenames
that should go on a DOS partition in uppercase, and truncate them by
hand, and I also don't feel like creating wrapper scripts around all
mtools commands.  I just don't use it anymore.


Gertjan Klein <gklein@xs4all.nl>
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