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Re: KDE team doesn't like Debian dist.?

On 26-Nov-97 Richard Ayres wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Ted Harding wrote:
>> In my humble opinion /opt has another very useful and practical function.
>> You can mount a whole new disk partition on /opt, when your original /usr
>> partition is getting full. Since some of the commercial packages not only
>> are
>> designed to install under /opt by default, but also are big (~100MB), this
>> is
>> useful. Just buy a new HD and mount it on /opt.
>> Then you can set all the symlinks from /usr you like -- they don't take up
>> much
>> space.
> Isn't this what the Linux FS standard says /usr/local/ is for?
> Rich.

To revert to my stated motive for finding that /opt can be useful: You may have
stuff on /usr/local which is physically on the same partition as /usr.
/usr is getting full. It is the handy to have /opt mountable as a physically
distinct partition. The fact that /opt is adopted as standard location by some
software makes this not completely arbitrary (just as some software expects
/share or /usr/share).

The alternative is to make the separate mountable partition mount onto
/usr/local, but this means making sure that you first copy faithfully
everything from the old /usr/local amd you may not want to get involved in

I'm not saying /opt is ideal: I am saying it can be useful.


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