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Re: svaglib

Luka Pravica wrote:

> hi,
> I made some programs using svgalib. But I can run those programs only
> when I am root. When I am not root, I get following error message:
> svgalib: Cannot open /dev/console
> Any other svgalib programs (precompiled from debian-packages) are
> running without problems.
> I tried to make /dev/console read/write-able for everyone, but then i
> get errors about I/O permisions.
> My programs are probably missing something, but I don't know what.
> Thanks for any help
> luka

You will need to 'suid' the program you are trying to run.  This can be
done by typing

chmod +s <program name>

Be WARNED!!! Anyone will tell you that this is a security issue as any
program that you 'suid' in this way will have root permissions upon
execution and thus can cause problems later on if the program freaks out
horribly and decides to go on a rampage in the system (with root privs of
course) or if there is a weakness in the program that would allow another
user to exploit the program to obtain root privs.

Be very sure that this is what you want before doing it.  (In practical
experience, this tends to be a small issue, as most programs I have found
that require this are well protected against such things.. but look before
ye leap... harrrrr).

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