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Re: Possible bug or flaw detected.

George Bonser wrote:

> Ok, try this. do a make menuconfig and unselect all network drivers except
> the EL3. (3c509) and make that one hardcoded (not a module) . Install that
> kernel. Remove all but the minimum number of boards on the motherboard
> needed to boot the system and display boot messages (take it down to the
> most simple possible hardware configuration)
> As a matter of fact, you might be best off doing a:
> make-kpkg -revision test kernel_image after doing a make menuconfig.
> (do the make-kpkg in /usr/src/linux)
> Make sure that there are no other networking drivers installed either
> hardcoded in the kernel or built as modules.
> then cd to /usr/src and install the test kernel just like any other
> package using dpkg -i
> Boot it and give it a whirl.
> George Bonser
> Debian/GNU Linux  See http://www.debian.org
> Linux ... It isn't just for breakfast anymore!

I'll give this a shot and see what happens.  Be reporting real soon.

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